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Leagues *NEW*


League BowlingAt Lauderdale Lanes we make league bowling a great way to improve your game and a great way to have fun.  Men, Women, Mixed and Youth Leagues are availiable.

Sign up to join a league today!

Register by phone - Call 256-766-2541 or click on the League Sign-up form below.


League Sign-up Form




Fall Leagues 2014-2015

Sunday Night Adult/Junior League
Sun, 6:00pm - 8:15pm

Monday Adult/Junior League
Mon, 6:30pm
Meeting: Sept. , 2014 6:30pm   Bowl Sept , 6:30pm

Monday Industrial League Mens League
Mon, 6:30pm
Meeting: Aug 25th, 2014   6:30pm. Bowl: Sept 8th, 2014

TUESDAY Dixiette League 4 women per team
Tue, 6:30pm
Meeting: Aug. 26th, 2014  6:15pm

TUESDAY Trailblazers League  5 men per team
Tue, 6:30pm
Meeting:  August 26th, 2014  6:30 pm

WED. HIS & HERS League
Wed, 7:00pm
Meeting Aug 27th, 2014 7:00pm

WED. Night Mix League

Wed, 7:00pm
Meeting: Aug. 27th, 2014 7:00pm Pool Room 

Thur Morning  Happy Strikers League 4 Women per team
Thu. 9:00am
Meeting Aug 28th, 2014

Ten Pinners League  5 Men per team
Thur. 6:30pm
Meeting:  6:30pm

Summer Leagues 2014


Cheapskate League                                                                              3 Person Teams

10:30am Monday


Monday Night Adult / Youth                                                               3 Person Teams

6:30pm Monday Nights       Meeting 5/5/2014  Bowls 5/12/2014  End 8/14/2014


Tuesday Summer Fun Handicap League                                            4 Person Teams

Tuesday Nights 7:00pm      Meeting 5/6/2014, Bowls 5/13/2014


Wednesday His & Hers Mix League  Meets 4/30/2014 2 Men, 2 Women per team

Wednesday Nights 7:00pm


Thursday Night PBA League                                                               3 Person teams

Thursday Nights 7:00pm    Meeting 4/24/2014  Bowl 5/1/2014 End 8/14/2014

$15.00 Membership upgrade.